A rock higher than our problems

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“…from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2

When our heart is tired and overwhelmed, sometimes it becomes challenging just to even think about anything else. Financial issues, problems at work, loss of loved ones, they can all cause us to feel overwhelmed. It may even seem there is no way for us to get back on top. Or is there?

The Psalmist here in Psalm 61 tells us that when his heart is overwhelmed, he is going to cry out to God. Why? Because at some point, God has done something for this Psalmist that has placed him on a rock that is higher than his problems.

The idea in this Psalm is that the rock that God can take you to is one that is higher than which you can reach on your own. It’s one thing to overcome a problem, but it’s something entirely different to leave it completely behind. Which brings us to the second idea of this Psalm in that the rock to which God can take us is further out of the reach of the problems that caused us to cry out in the first place.

This higher rock is a place of refuge, strength and security that can only be found in God. It is not the idea that God simply helps us with the problem, but that he sets us to a place of refuge, security, and protection that can only be found in Him.

The Psalmist indicates that he has had that experience before. No doubt you have heard many other Christians share that experience as well. Perhaps you, or someone you know, needs that experience on a “rock that is higher than I.” There is only one place to find it – God.