When Jesus Walks Into the Storm

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And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. — Matthew 14:25

It seems that the “storm stories” found in the Bible just never seem to grow old to me. It seems that I can never exhaust what I read or hear or learn from them. I’m thinking today of the story found in Matthew 14 of when the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee and were going to the other side.

The problem was that while they were crossing, a tremendous storm hit them and they were now in the midst of the sea, struggling to try to bring their ship to the shore. Then Jesus appears, walking on the waves and coming to them in the storm.

There are so many people that never expected to be facing the storm they are facing today. Their plans were to “get to the other side” of their hopes and dreams. They had plans to do certain things and be at a certain point, but some storm hit and now they are in the midst of disappointment, struggle and battle just trying to stay above water.

I am sure these disciples never expected to see Jesus coming to them, walking on the water in the storm, but He did just that. I’m so thankful that although He may not show up before the storm hits, He will come to you in the storm and calm things in your life. He will walk into the sickness, the sadness, the disappointment, or trouble and speak peace to your heart.

We look for His presence during our times of worship, but often we get so caught up in the storm that we don’t look for His presence in the problems of life. Yet, that is so often when He appears the greatest and sweetest when life is at its worst. You may be facing the storm today, but look around for you will find Him walking the waves as He makes His way to where you are.