Strength in times of need

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The Lord will give strength unto his people. – Psalm 29:11

It seems that our world today is filled with ups and downs. One day you can experience the highs of life and then the next it can seem that everything comes crashing down.

The storms of life seem to strike suddenly and can bring us to our weakest point. Even when we feel like we are our weakest, God continues to give us strength so that we can continue on.

There are so many times I can recall hearing someone describe losing a loved one and how devastating it was. They described how they did not feel like they could continue on. But then they share how they found an unknown source of strength. A strength that can only be found in God.

The idea behind the verse in this Psalm is that even amid the turmoil of life, God is still in control. He is the one that can give strength to those who are weak, persecuted, torn down, depressed, anxious, and worried. He has yet to encounter one situation that He does not have control over.

Though you may feel weak or defeated, you can continue to take heart. Your God has overcome and will give you strength in your time of weakness.

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