Facing life’s most important choice

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Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified. — Matthew 27:22

Every day we face decisions in life and we must make a choice. From the time you open your eyes from sleep, you are making choices whether you realize it or not. Perhaps it is which side of the bed to get out of, what to eat, what to wear, or even where to go.

Some of life’s choices have little consequence to them. Most will not experience a life-changing event simply for what they choose to eat for breakfast. But for some, the choice could be a life or death one. Others may not face any consequence over their choice of clothing. But for some, they could easily face persecution given their life’s circumstances around them.

Some decisions come with a multitude of possible outcomes. One decision could take your life in hundreds of different directions. A simple move could take you away from family, friends, and others you are close to. That same move could also open a world of possibility that you never imagined if you simply focused on the negatives.

So many times we take life’s choices so casually that we barely stop to think about the potential consequences. Everyone alive faces choices, but there is one choice that we all face that has the same outcome no matter who makes the decision. We find that question here in Matthew 27:22, “What shall I do then with Jesus?”

All the details about you do not matter when facing that choice. It does not matter your social status, political party, amount of money that you have, or even where you live. It does not matter the color of your skin, the condition of your clothes, where you live, or what you drive. No matter who faces the choice, the outcome is the same.

Scripture teaches us that those who accept Christ as Savior, they inherit eternal life and all the splendor of Heaven. For those who reject Him, they will find themselves destined for eternal torment in Hell. When facing life’s most important choice, what will you choose?