When things are difficult to understand

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Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. — John 13:7

Jesus said to the disciples in the upper room, “What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.” – John 13:7.  The words came when Peter had said that Jesus shouldn’t wash his feet.  It was a word given for that particular situation, but it is a word that fits for all time.

Generally speaking, life is filled with things that are both pleasant and painful; joyous and grievous.  We would like it if things were always pleasant.  We would be content if the sun was always shining on our lives without shadow or storm.  But sooner or later the clouds overshadow the sun and the storm’s winds blow against us through some painful or frustrating event.

It is on such occasions we find ourselves asking the question “why.”  Why has this happened to me?  Why is it that I have to face this, especially now?  If we aren’t careful we’ll even begin to ask, “If God loves me why has this happened?  If He cares why has He allowed this thing in my life?”  Worst of all, we may even question “Does He still love me; does He still care?”

There are some things though that we can be sure of.  First, what He is doing in our lives is according to His plan.  Nothing happens by chance or accident.  Second, what He is doing in our lives never changes His love toward us.  His work is always done in love.  Third, what He is doing in our lives is never a mistake.  We may see them as things hard to be understood, and surely they are, but He knows what He is doing and in His time we will see things clearly.

In a time of His own choosing, He will reveal His plans to us.  Until then, we must trust Him and leave it all in His hands.

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