Letting go in the middle of the storm

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And when the ship was caught, and could not bear up into the wind, we let her drive. — Acts 27:15

In the story of Paul, we come across this passage about the storm that he called Euroclydon. The name Euroclydon implies that it was a storm of wind and waves. It seems from the Scripture it was a sudden storm that was not expected. Nowhere does the Scripture tell us that Paul and the crew had any idea the storm was coming.

We can also tell from the description here in verse 15 that it was a severe storm. It was so severe that they were unable to control the ship. He says that they could not bear up into the wind, so they let her drive. In other words, they let go of all the controls and were at the mercy of the storm.

That is certainly how it feels sometimes when life’s storms come upon you. They come in without warning, they are difficult storms, and it can seem that you lose control. It is at that very moment that God is able to show you great things.

In verse 22, multiple days later, Paul tells the group that God has spoken to him in the middle of the storm. He had a purpose and a plan for them all along. While that plan took them through the storm, there was God’s point of view where everything was under control.

So many times we try everything we can rather than giving control to God in the middle of our storms. You may be in a storm today and need to give God control so He can show you His point of view. He has a plan and a purpose, even when the wind and waves of the storm are so great we cannot see.

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