Putting God to the test

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O taste and see that the LORD is good. — Psalm 34:8

Sometimes there are portions of the Scripture that you have to look into a little deeper to understand what they are saying. That is the case here in Psalm 34 as it is quite confusing to read the word to taste the LORD.

One of the things that my wife and I love to do is to enjoy a good meal. Sometimes, when you find a really good meal, it’s more of an experience than just filling your stomach with food. You get to enjoy the sweet, the salty, the savory. Some chefs do an amazing job creating an experience.

Once you have one of those experiences, the first thing you do is tell someone about it. You tell them where you went, what type of food you ate, and about the experience you had. It’s an experience.

That is exactly what David is saying in this Psalm. He is saying that he has had an amazing experience with God. He is challenging anyone who reads the Psalm to put God to the test and that he is confident you will have an amazing experience, too. Anyone who has truly had an experience with God knows exactly what he is saying.

Each and every time you get in a situation, you can put God to the test. He is always faithful and He always provides comfort. When you seek Him, He will be found. If you are thirsty, He can satisfy your soul. As David says, if you need Him, try Him! Put God to the test and see how good He really is!