A Pastor’s Ponderings — Psalm 95

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Right in the middle of our Bible, God, in His all-knowing wisdom, has placed the book of Psalms. I so often find myself reading from its passages to help me regain my focus and lift my heart toward the Lord.

David is more often than not the writer of the psalms we read. We seem to identify with his words because he so often found himself struggling with life but then looking toward the Lord for his strength and help.

Psalm 95 doesn’t have a title to it, but many commentaries attribute the psalm to the pen of David. It is a psalm that begins by promoting the worship of the Lord. It magnifies His greatness and encourages us to come before Him with thanksgiving and joyful praise (see vs 1-3). In the fourth verse, we read, “In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also.” One commentator says this, “He is the God of the valleys and the hills, the caverns, and the peaks.” Surely, He is. It doesn’t matter where we find ourselves, He is God even there.

One thought that is on my mind is in the phrase in his hand are the deep places of the earth. The words deep places mean depths unknown or places too deep to know. There are many who are right now dealing with the “deep places” of life. Finding themselves in places deeper than they’ve ever known before. The verse encourages me to know that, even in the deep places of life, He is God and the deep places are in His hand.

There is no deep place that you or I will ever go but what we are still in His hand. In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses says in ch 33:27-The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. I’ve read that in Hebrew the word underneath means bottom. It has the idea of that which is depressing, humbling, or beating down. How far down do you feel you’ve gone today? In your mind, how far down in the valley, how deep in despair or how low are you? You may be saying, “Preacher, I’m the lowest I’ve ever been in my life.” Then listen to this word from God for you; no matter how low you are, how far down you feel you are, underneath that are the everlasting arms of God.

You may right now be in one of those “deep places” of life, but keep in mind today that in His hand are the deep places. You are never too deep for Him to reach you; you are never too deep for Him to find you; you are never too deep for Him to help you. Do you know why? Because no matter how deep you may feel you are, underneath that are His everlasting arms. In His arms speaks of amazing power and strength, but on top of that, it is everlasting power and strength. His strength never weakens or fades over time. You may be in a “deep place” today but never forget that even there you are still in His hand.