Showing love to others when it is difficult to love

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Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. — 1 John 4:7

We live in one of the most opinionated societies ever. Everyone has an opinion and if they do not like your opinion, it seems that many times they will just push you to the side. From politics, healthcare, education, and many other issues, it seems that everyone is so divided on each issue.

While we may have different opinions about the issues in society, we must have one focus in regards to spiritual things. That is to show others the love of Christ. This does not mean accepting what they believe or how they think. It is to realize that we may be different, but that above all else, God should be supreme.

We must live our lives so that others can see Christ in us. They may not appreciate or accept our faith and beliefs, but we still must live it. We can differ in opinion, but we must also do so in a manner that reflects Christ to them in our interaction. We can stand against the wickedness of the world, but also share that it is our love of Christ and our faith that leads us to these viewpoints.

Finally, as we differ with others, we must make sure they understand that this world is not the final destination. While we all want our own way while we are here on this earth, what really matters is where people will spend eternity. If God were to change their heart, their eternal destination, and their life, I have complete confidence that he would change their feelings on many of the wicked things they may support in this life.