Aligning your life with God’s purpose

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For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD. — Jeremiah 29:11

It seems that so many people today are just unhappy in life. I talk to so many that are spending their lives searching for what they want to do for a career. So many are unhappy with their career, or they are just unhappy with life in general. I do not believe that so many are unhappy just because they are unhappy. I think they are missing something.

Webster’s dictionary defines purpose as the reason why something is done or used. It’s not the thing we do, but the reason that we do the thing we do. Purpose plays a big role in our lives.

In the verse from Jeremiah, we find that God has a purpose in mind for us. He has a specific agenda for our lives and that He works within those plans to fulfill the work of God. We may not always understand His purpose or His methods, but He knows exactly what He is doing.

The problem is that so many times we do not have our lives aligning with God’s purpose. We have our own plans and agenda and we seem to leave God’s plan and purpose behind. When our lives are not aligned with God’s purpose, it leaves us searching for purpose. It is not to say that we are out of the will of God in what we are doing, but our hearts may not be aligned with His purpose. We are designed to align with God’s plan and purpose. That is where happiness and satisfaction come from.

So the next time you are frustrated in life, do a purpose check. Are you frustrated because you are not aligned with God’s purpose? Are you seeking your own way, or are you seeking how you fit into the plan of God?