It’s only going to be a little longer

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And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me. — Revelation 22:12

Many people overlook the words in the book of Revelation because it can be quite confusing to understand. Throughout the book, John writes describing things that he was seeing, which were nearly indescribable. I think many times he was struggling for the words as he was writing.

It certainly sounds like our world and many of you may say like your life right now. It can be quite confusing, chaotic, difficult to understand, and many times frustrating. As a Christian, we may often feel like we are strangers here, struggling to find our place in the wicked world.

Confusion is not the case here in Revelation 22:12, as we can find clarity in the words that John wrote. They are words that bring hope and encouragement in the middle of our confusion and chaos. He starts by saying “behold” or in other words, pay attention. I come refers to the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The last word is an absolute boost to our very soul when he says “quickly.”

We do not have to deal with the chaos and confusion of this world for very long, because soon, He is coming! It is only going to be a little longer that we must face these current trials. He says He is coming quickly and that He has His reward with Him. What is that reward? For the Christian, that is eternal life with Him. It is an escape from the sin-filled world into heavenly perfection. He is coming soon, but are you ready?