A foundation made for the situation

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And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. — Matthew 7:25

Some time ago I was able to speak to a builder as I was looking at a house that was under construction. We were talking about everything that went into building the house. Obviously, there are walls that need to be straight and secure. The roof needs to be placed just right. There are all sorts of things that go into placing floors, cabinets, windows, and lights. It really is an interesting thing to watch.

The builder explained to me how they required a specific foundation for the house because of the area it was built in. He said that certain elements in certain areas require the foundation to be completed a certain way. Specifically, in these homes, they were all built on a concrete foundation without any space underneath. The climate put off some intense humidity and would cause mold to grow and deteriorate under the home.

As I read through the Scripture in Matthew, it really is amazing at the similarities between a home that we build here and the foundation that we need to have in our spiritual lives. Just like a foundation may be specific to an area that you live in, so is our foundation specific for the world in which we live. Our world is full of sin and wickedness and a foundation of this world would never suffice for us to survive all the temptations and sin in the world.

So it took a foundation that was not of this world. A foundation that can only be found in Jesus Christ to provide us a way to survive the elements of this world. So let the wind and the rains of this world come. They can beat upon us all they want in this world because if we have our foundation in Jesus, we are on the rock and secure.