Everything comes from God

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. — Genesis 1:1

A lot of people talk about where things come from. We often share the area of the world we are from, such as our state or nationality. We may talk about something being from a specific store or a specific company.

We also hear a lot of people want to argue over where we, as humans, come from. They want to argue about how we “evolved” on earth and how we have developed into what we are today. As Christians, we know that evolution is simply not true.

Scripture clearly tells us in Genesis 1 that “In the beginning God” indicating that everything started with God. The world did not start with a big bang or some collision of stars. The Bible said that God created it. It continues on to explain how he created everything in the world, including us.

We are not a clump of cells that evolved, an animal that evolved, or even an accident. We were created by God, with a specific purpose in mind. If God created us, giving us everything we have such as life, breath, mind, etc., then truly everything in this world is of God.

For without Him, we would not have the knowledge to invent the things we enjoy in this world. We would not have technology, cars, airplanes, or the continued improvement of society throughout history. God gave man the resources to learn and develop those things. Everything began in the beginning with God.

Many people will argue over what they have created in life, but in reality, it is all a gift from God. While we may be quick to overlook the small detail, we should be thankful to God for His many gifts we enjoy each day.