Be assured that you are not alone

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But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me. — Psalm 22:19

One of the most difficult places to be in life is to feel like you are alone in a time of need. I have read many stories over the past two years amid the COVID pandemic that shared just that. People were sick and alone in the hospital, in need, wishing they could have their family near.

In my time working as a paramedic, I will never forget hearing those words from people that were trapped in vehicles or nearing death. I remember hearing people say to me “do not leave me” or pleading to get a family member for them. My heart ached for them as I could hear the heartache and heartbreak in their voices.

These situations do not always present in a time of life or death either. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the middle of a difficult situation and we feel alone. Perhaps it’s financial struggles, difficulty with children, challenges with others, or many other situations.

In these times, we really need someone but we may often feel like we are alone. Maybe we have made that phone call but no one answered or we sent that text message and never received a response.

Psalm 22:19 is a plea from David to God that He remain near. David felt alone and that he was forsaken by everyone else around him. He felt like in his trouble, they left him alone without anyone to talk to or comfort him. He begs God to hurry and help him. He said, “haste thee” meaning as quick as you possibly can. He wanted to be delivered from the things that plagued his mind and heart at that moment in time.

While Psalm 22 does not record anything regarding God’s response in this specific circumstance, David would give us indications about what God did later in his life. In 2 Samuel 22:2, he said, “And he said, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer.” God never left him and God delivered him from the things that plagued David.

You may feel alone and you may have a lot of things troubling your mind. Do not be afraid to call out to God just like David. Beg for God to remain close to you, plead with Him to make haste to help you. Be assured, you are not alone in the middle of your struggle. God is with you.