What are you hungry for?

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Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. — Matthew 5:6

My wife will often tell me that I get “hangry” as she likes to call it. You know, that point when someone is so hungry that they start getting cranky.

It usually happens when it has been a long day. Perhaps I’ve been busy with work and did not get to take time to eat. Sometimes it seems like I just lost track of time and never get to eat. Either way, being hungry can be frustrating.

Hunger is a sign that our body desires and is longing for food. When you are hungry, if you simply drink water it will not satisfy you. You can try to eat a snack, but you are just going to be hungry again later. The only way to satisfy hunger is to give your body what it is craving: food!

That is exactly what Jesus was teaching here in Matthew. In His sermon, He said that those who seek after righteousness will be filled. The idea is that the strongest desire in our lives is for righteousness. This righteousness that He talks about is the things and the will of God.

In other words, if we are so hungry and thirsty after the things of God, after the will of God, God will indeed send satisfaction to that hunger of our soul. But so many times we find ourselves caught up in being hungry for other things.

The world is full of things that would like to try and satisfy our hunger that we should have for God. It can be a hobby, a career, a car, a person, or so many other things.

My wife has learned, when I am “hangry” it is time we find something to eat because nothing else will help. Jesus was teaching that we should have that same pursuit after the things of God, in that nothing else can satisfy our heart’s desire. What are you hungry for?